Shaza Hayek

Syrian singer Shaza Hayek is a resident of the Netherlands since 2014. She graduated in 2006 at the conservatory of Damascus in the art of oriental vocal performance, after having studied Arab and western classical music. Since her graduation Shaza has performed several times at the Damascus Opera House and in other cities of Syria as well as in the Maghreb, Italy and Germany. She performed with large orchestras as well as smaller ensembles.

Shaza specializes in the songs of the 20th century Arab singers and composers such as Said Darwish, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Um Kalthum and Fairuz. But she also likes to sing the age-old classical Arab muwashahaat songs or contemporary work from singers like Julia Boutros and Majida Al Rumi.

This year Shaza, accompanied by a small ensemble of Syrian musicians will be performing with a tour de chant, a nostalgic programme dedicated to well-known Arab songs from the 20th century, a time of hope and optimism for the Arab world…..

Shaza with orchestra at the Damascus Opera House